Zoning permits are required

As set forth in the California Borough Zoning Ordinance #562, Section 703, “Zoning Permits”, a Zoning Certificate is required in all instances where any person proposes to (1) occupy or use any vacant land (2) occupy or use any structure hereafter constructed, reconstructed, moved, altered or enlarged; (3) change the use of a structure or land to a different use; or (4) change of a non-conforming use.

Permit Fees: Pursuant to ordinance #562 the following schedule of fees shall apply to all Zoning Certificate applications.

  1. Improvements to existing structures – Fee to be one half percent (0.5%) of value of new improvements.
  2. For New Structures – Fee to be one half percent(0.5%) of value of structure.
  3. Sign Permit  – $25.00 each sign/Applicant(s) requesting sign(s), signature required.
  4. Change of Use – $25.00 for zoning permits
  5. All Permits – Minimum fee of $25.00
For further information please call the Zoning office at – 724-938-8786.

Building Permits are required

The following projects are required to follow the Uniform Construction Code. , UCC.

  • All decks over 30″
  • All additions
  • New roof structures and changes to the pitch of an existing roof structure.
  • All swimming pools both above and in ground
  • All garages/outbuildings/sheds overs 1000 square feet
  • All new construction- residential and commercial
  • Any structural changes to residences or commercial properties
For further information please call the Zoning office at – 724-938-8786. Applications for UCC permits are located under Misc. Permits.
Zoning Application